Creating Your Calm Spaces Today

30 Minutes

Free Consultation

This is a free no-obligation consultation.  The consultation time will help me understand your specific needs--so that we can create an action plan that works best for you.

30 Minutes


3 Hours

Beginnings $150

You want to invest in yourself, and you want a calmer home or office, but sometimes you just want to start small.

With this package, we can organize a small space or two (typically a linen closet, small pantry, clothes closet, dresser drawers, laundry, master bath).


3 Hours     $150     

6 Hours

Moving Forward $270

Where would you most like to create calm in your home?                                                                           

This package is for six hours (broken down into two, three-hour sessions) and can be appropriate for many rooms in your home. 

6 Hours     $270    *10% off of the Base Price

12 Hours

On the Path $510

This package will help you create calm in larger rooms or a combination of smaller rooms (bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms, etc).                                           


This package may also be appropriate for smaller spaces that are asking for an in-depth treatment.                                                                                                           

12 Hours     $510      *Represents 15% off of the Base Price  

30 Hours

Traditional Journey $1,200

Are you ready to transform your home and your life?  We can get a lot done in 30 hours. Depending on your level of need, this may be a good place to start that total transformation.

Living in your tidy home creates a sense of calm and peacefulness.  Everything really does have a place, and you are surrounded by the things that you love and find useful!

We will go through each room in your house, tidying and organizing one area at a time.

30 Hours     $1,200    *Represents 20% off of the Base Price


1 Hour

Refresher $40

After a long journey, a little refresher can help you keep going.

If we've already worked together in a particular space, then this service is for you.  I'll come back for an hour, and we'll look at that space again.  

We'll see what's working and what needs to be revised--so you can get back on track.

1 Hour     $40   *Represents 20% off of Base Price


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 For Each Space, we will...                    
Repurpose and /or Shop Strategically
  • As much as possible, I want to help you creatively repurpose any storage containers you may already have on hand.  If that doesn't make sense for your needs, I may suggest purchasing new items. 
  • Together, we will find what works best for you.
Remove the Excess
  • When decluttering and reorganizing, there will be items that need to find new homes outside of your house. 
  • I will personally remove and rehome your items according to your wishes.

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