My name is Montaine (Willow) Bronner. I am a professional  organizer. Prior to being a professional organizer, I was an elementary school teacher in Cheyenne Mountain School District. I loved being a teacher!  I was lucky to have been able to spend 30 years of my life doing something I was so passionate about.

Once I retired from teaching, I decided that I wanted to continue spending my time doing things that I enjoy and find rewarding.  I started Willow's Organizing for several reasons. First, I find it very rewarding to help people. Next, the Artist in Me, enjoys the creative aspects of organizing a space. Finally, I appreciate the feeling of accomplishment that comes after the job is complete.

Organizing comes naturally to me, and I appreciate it when  things are organized and tidy---but my own home was not always that way. I had more stuff than I had room for, and I didn't have a good plan for putting things back where they belonged---because I wasn't always sure where that was. Piles grew. I was overwhelmed. 


After I retired from teaching, I went through my entire home and decluttered every drawer, closet, and room.  I even decluttered our piano!  My husband and I had kept a piano in our home for years (we both wanted to learn to play).  Getting rid of the piano meant actually accepting that we were never going to learn to play.  


I know how hard it is to confront your things, and I know how hard it is make decisions about what to do with them. A lot of feelings come up. 


Eventually, my house felt calm. Finally, my house was no longer a source of stress, but was instead a source of peacefulness.  I want to help other people create a home that feels like a sanctuary. 


Also, being ecologically minded, I didn't want to just throw everything out with the trash. Part of my journey included finding ways to have my discarded items find new homes. I explored several charities and recycling options available in the Pikes Peak region. 


I want to make a positive impact in people's lives, and I find great joy in helping people. 

I am ready to help you begin your journey to calm.